Friday, January 8, 2010

Visual Kei // Jrock

Visual Kei and Jrock is my style, and yes many people think it's weird/different. What they don't understand is that it's supposed to be. When I walk into school wearing 10,000 necklaces, different colored fingernails, 20 rings, rainbow colored clothes, crazy hair, and heavy make-up, I could CARE LESS if people stare at me like I'm insane, because in all honesty I am ;D // Lately I haven't been able to do all of that because my hair has grown out so it's much harder to style it, and for the clothes I don't have clothes that go with Visual Kei that still fit me, I need to go shopping!

Visual Kei is my life. Visual Kei bands put so much effort and energy into their music and performances it's hard not to like them. Whether you are watching a live performance off of youtube, or actually seeing them live you can tell that they put 110% into their songs. Here in the U.S many people would agree that some of our "stars" cannot sing at all, and that they have their voice covered by a computer, whether it's a pop star or a rocker. In Japan it's completely different. I'm not entirely sure if Jpop singers use computers to 'fix' their voice or not, but in Japan, record companies choose Visual Kei bands that can actually play, and where the vocalist can actually sing. The way they put 110% into their live's just makes them even more amazing and beautiful. Their songs all hold meaning. Please check them out.

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--the GazettE--

the GazettE is a mainstream band that has made is far in the Visual Kei movement, they are one of my top favorites. Their style and their music are simply amazing. They care so much about their fans. They are down to earth and don't let anything they do go to their heads. Their style is completely amazing. They have many different styles, most of them all something crazy. Something I wanna be able to pull off.

Many people do not like the style because it's too bold, or too loud. You need to understand that it's supposed to be that way. It really grabs their fans attention and thats what you want to do when you're in a band correct? Many people think I'm weird and different or completely insane JUST because I like Visual Kei bands. I honestly don't care, it's who I am and I'm not changing. Visual Kei is a great style and I don't think anything could be any better.

--alice nine.--

alice nine. is a popular Visual Kei rock band that focuses on their work. They love their fans and give 110% during Lives. I first got into them when they caught my attention with the song "RAINBOWS". If you listen to this band I guarentee you'll instantly be hooked.

There are many more bands that I love such as, girugamesh, SuG, SiD, An Cafe, Matenrou Opera, X Japan, and Miyavi. They've changed my life. Just because Visual Kei bands have a loud and exicting style does not mean you should judge them based on their look. They are people as well and they are just like us.




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