Friday, December 11, 2009

Ex Boyfriends.

Has anyone noticed that ex boy friends tend to make your life miserable? I don't always mean in a bad way. Like when they call you and tell you that they miss you, or say that they were wrong, etc. I know it sounds extrememly cliché, but at the same time it does effect you. I hate it so much. It does tick me off that they while you're in the relationship they'll treat you like crap, and break up with you for the stupidest reasons and then call back months and possibly years later begging for you to "come back" to them. It's stupid, do they really think that we want to go through that again? I mean really? There is no way in hell that I would want to. Yet why do we get upset or confused and don't know what to do when they ask for us back? It may just be me, some girls out there may be completely differen't and not be effected by it at all, but most of the girls I know seem to get upset when it happens. Does anyone know a way to get over that? Or know what to do? I'm so lost.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swine Flu.

At my school a few months ago we had to get our parents to fill out a form allowing us to get the H1N1 vaccine. So I get mine filled out, even though I hate shots/nasal spray, and so does half of my friends. Well we are just now getting this vaccine, it's been months. Does anyone else see the problem there? It's barely even going around my school anymore. And I can understand how it was such a big deal, so companies and hospitals were a little low on the vaccine. That's completely understandable. I just think it's weird that they would give us the vaccine like 3 months after we filled out the form to get it. They are giving two types here at my school, the shot and the nasal spray. You can only get the shot if you have asthma or heart problems. So that leaves me and half of my friends with the nasal spray. My best friend told me that when you go to get it the lady will tell you it will feel like you're I the only one who see's something majorly wrong with that picture? That just makes me even more worried about it, and the fact that they are shooting the live virus into you so you can become immune to it. I'm trying not to get the swine flu, so why in the world are they shooting it up my nose? Especially while it's still live and working. When Taylor got the spray earlier this morning she said it wasn't that bad, that it just felt like nose spray, which I thought was good, because nose spray isn't that bad, but she also told me that it smells awful. Some people can taste it afterwards. I'm like all of this just so I MIGHT not get sick? To me it's not worth it. People at other high schools have had major side effects of the spray, including: passing out, vommiting, etc. Nope, no way, I don't want to have to deal with all of that. It's stupid. Then again I don't like shots either, so we'll see how this plays out. I mean we're teenagers for crying out loud, it's like we're going through all of this stuff and we don't even know if we'll end up catching it later on.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learning German and Japanese at once?

Is it possible to learn German and Japanese at once? Wait, is it even possible to learn Japanese? Ha, I've been taking German in school for 2 years, and Deutsch 2 is actually harder than I thought it would be, I'm worried about if I will make it to Deutsch 3 or not, and if I do how hard it will be. I love German so much! My dad was born in Hamburg, Germany and I've always wanted to learn the language ever since I found out about my family history. I've wanted to go to Germany for so long now but I'm terrified of planes! I can't help it, but I'm going to make it to Germany someday! I know I will. Japanese on the other hand is what I'm learning in my spare time. I've chosen to learn Japanese for fun. I know there is a bunch of different things you need to learn for Japanese and I've been studying! It's just difficult. The kanji is the hardest for me! Which stinks:/ If you know Japanese or German and are willing to help me then please email me[: I would love to talk to you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I hate Geometry, I'm not kidding, I loathe it. Geometry is one of those subjects for me where it just doesn't click. English and World History are my best subjects, but Geometry...not so much. I've been going through a lot lately, and I've been really upset. It's been hard for me, and when I get to school I try to get my mind off of things and hang out with friends, but as soon as I step into my Geometry room it all goes down hill for me. Not just because I don't understand it, but because no one will HELP me understand it. I ask my Geometry teacher for help everyday, sometime's she'll help and sometimes she won't. I can't stand it. I can understand where she is coming from though. It's just that the way she teaches it, I can't understand it. I can probably understand it if it was tought a different way, but it isn't. When I stay after for help it doesn't get me any further, I still can't comprehend what's on my paper. So I start failing the class, and don't you hate it when you get help from a teacher, and they say you've improved and such then you get your grades and they aren't that great so they give you this long lecture about how you could be doing better and what you need to work on, like they never gave you help or supported you in the first place? It's dumb. Then they make you feel like you're stupid, it just upsets me. I give my grades to my parents and they get all pissed because I'm failing. It's like, I don't see you trying to do anything to help me? I can't stand it! Then they give you lectures on how you could do better and not to talk back to them. It's extremely hard on me. It makes me feel like everyone is dissapointed in me just because I'm failing Geometry. It's like I need help but no one is there to offer it to me. It's upsetting.


Stickam. Stickam. Stickam.
Wow. Stickam is freaking awesome but at the same time it's completely creepy. I'm on stickam right now with my best friend Taylor, and we're just talking away, but I hate it when we are just talking and we get some random account to join. Yes we know you can make it to where it's friends only, but sometimes we want to make it public, but not be stalked at the same time. I hate it when you get some random pop up message and it's like "What's up cutie?" and it's from some random guy. I absolutely hate it. I either block them or ignore it. And we definitely do NOT want to see some guy showing us and or talking to us about 'it'. I mean first off we aren't doing anything to make you want to do 'it' we're just talking and carrying on a conversation. It's disturbing and unwanted. It's like seriously? We are not old enough to see that stuff! Boy's still have cooties! Don't the men realize that we have no interest in them, that we aren't going to hook up with them, we are not going to give them our a/s/l (age/sex/location). I mean some girls may, but we aren't. So just don't ask me. If you ever come across me on stickam, do not ask me personal questions, you will not get a response.


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