Friday, December 11, 2009

Ex Boyfriends.

Has anyone noticed that ex boy friends tend to make your life miserable? I don't always mean in a bad way. Like when they call you and tell you that they miss you, or say that they were wrong, etc. I know it sounds extrememly cliché, but at the same time it does effect you. I hate it so much. It does tick me off that they while you're in the relationship they'll treat you like crap, and break up with you for the stupidest reasons and then call back months and possibly years later begging for you to "come back" to them. It's stupid, do they really think that we want to go through that again? I mean really? There is no way in hell that I would want to. Yet why do we get upset or confused and don't know what to do when they ask for us back? It may just be me, some girls out there may be completely differen't and not be effected by it at all, but most of the girls I know seem to get upset when it happens. Does anyone know a way to get over that? Or know what to do? I'm so lost.




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