Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I hate Geometry, I'm not kidding, I loathe it. Geometry is one of those subjects for me where it just doesn't click. English and World History are my best subjects, but Geometry...not so much. I've been going through a lot lately, and I've been really upset. It's been hard for me, and when I get to school I try to get my mind off of things and hang out with friends, but as soon as I step into my Geometry room it all goes down hill for me. Not just because I don't understand it, but because no one will HELP me understand it. I ask my Geometry teacher for help everyday, sometime's she'll help and sometimes she won't. I can't stand it. I can understand where she is coming from though. It's just that the way she teaches it, I can't understand it. I can probably understand it if it was tought a different way, but it isn't. When I stay after for help it doesn't get me any further, I still can't comprehend what's on my paper. So I start failing the class, and don't you hate it when you get help from a teacher, and they say you've improved and such then you get your grades and they aren't that great so they give you this long lecture about how you could be doing better and what you need to work on, like they never gave you help or supported you in the first place? It's dumb. Then they make you feel like you're stupid, it just upsets me. I give my grades to my parents and they get all pissed because I'm failing. It's like, I don't see you trying to do anything to help me? I can't stand it! Then they give you lectures on how you could do better and not to talk back to them. It's extremely hard on me. It makes me feel like everyone is dissapointed in me just because I'm failing Geometry. It's like I need help but no one is there to offer it to me. It's upsetting.


Kevin Atteridg said...

I hate math in general, as well, ;)

Ginny said...

Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Hang in there, the teen years are over before you know it. Mine were pretty awful and I was pretty dang wild, lucky to have made it out alive. I still forget sometimes that I am not 17 anymore so I understand what you are going through!

David said...

Yes, geometry sucks. i know where your coming from. :)


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