Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learning German and Japanese at once?

Is it possible to learn German and Japanese at once? Wait, is it even possible to learn Japanese? Ha, I've been taking German in school for 2 years, and Deutsch 2 is actually harder than I thought it would be, I'm worried about if I will make it to Deutsch 3 or not, and if I do how hard it will be. I love German so much! My dad was born in Hamburg, Germany and I've always wanted to learn the language ever since I found out about my family history. I've wanted to go to Germany for so long now but I'm terrified of planes! I can't help it, but I'm going to make it to Germany someday! I know I will. Japanese on the other hand is what I'm learning in my spare time. I've chosen to learn Japanese for fun. I know there is a bunch of different things you need to learn for Japanese and I've been studying! It's just difficult. The kanji is the hardest for me! Which stinks:/ If you know Japanese or German and are willing to help me then please email me[: I would love to talk to you!



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