Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Stickam. Stickam. Stickam.
Wow. Stickam is freaking awesome but at the same time it's completely creepy. I'm on stickam right now with my best friend Taylor, and we're just talking away, but I hate it when we are just talking and we get some random account to join. Yes we know you can make it to where it's friends only, but sometimes we want to make it public, but not be stalked at the same time. I hate it when you get some random pop up message and it's like "What's up cutie?" and it's from some random guy. I absolutely hate it. I either block them or ignore it. And we definitely do NOT want to see some guy showing us and or talking to us about 'it'. I mean first off we aren't doing anything to make you want to do 'it' we're just talking and carrying on a conversation. It's disturbing and unwanted. It's like seriously? We are not old enough to see that stuff! Boy's still have cooties! Don't the men realize that we have no interest in them, that we aren't going to hook up with them, we are not going to give them our a/s/l (age/sex/location). I mean some girls may, but we aren't. So just don't ask me. If you ever come across me on stickam, do not ask me personal questions, you will not get a response.



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