Thursday, February 25, 2010

Geometry 2. & Family Life.

So I've been doing better in Geometry I guess. I've been getting better grades and paying better attention. Though I don't fully know how long it will take to bring my grade up completely. The last thing I want to do is go to summer school. Bleck. My mom has been offering to get me a tutor, and I do remember having a math tutor my 7th grade year, she was nice and all, but I would get too frustrated with her because I felt like she wasn't teaching me correctly, when in the end it was just me refusing to learn. I need to become better at taking advice as well. It is a little difficult though. I was always one of those people to only hear what I want to hear.

Speaking of that;

My parents tend to tell me things and then forget, so when I bring it up they disagree with me and tell me that they didn't say it. Well I know a lot of parents say that, but honestly, you REALLY DO say those things, you've just forgotten. I CANNOT stand it when I'm trying to tell my parents something that they've said and they disagree, especially when my step dad says "Kids only hear what they want to hear." It pisses me off. I tend to go off on him too. I'm not to fond of my step dad and he's not to fond of me, that's just how it is. It pisses me off even more when weeks later they realize that they did say whatever it was I told them they did, but it's too late to do anything about it. THEY DON'T APOLOGIZE EITHER. Thus, another reason being why I'm never having kids. Its just like how can you treat your kids like crap and still expect them to want to live or be with you. I just can't understand. I cannot wait till I move out and finally get some peace and quiet. Of course I'll be homesick for a couple of weeks after that, but that's normal. I just get so sick and tired of the way my parents treat me sometimes. Running away seems to overrated, and my life is a little to good to runaway from. I can go live with my dad if I want to, but that would require switching school and going through a whole bunch of paper work. I was on the verge of moving to my dad's once, and THEN my mom told me she didn't want me to leave. Even though I new my step dad did. Which is another EXTREME reason as to why I want to get out of that house; the step dad. Sometimes I wish everything could just go back to the way it was. When everything was good and everyone loved each other, you know? I'm sure everyone wishes for something like that in their lives. I just want things to be different. I love my step dad, don't get me wrong, but I just dont respect the way he treats me, my brother, and my mom sometimes. Sometimes I feel I need a new life.


[[Sorry I just had to rant there for a second.]]



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