Monday, March 15, 2010


It's one thing if you're "just kidding," but lying to me is a totally different story.
You know what I mean?
And I'm sure everyone feels the same way about this.

If you don't like being lied to, then don't lie to other people.
A close friend of mine recently lied to me, and not on something small.
He lied to both me and Taylor, which I do not appreciate at all.

He told me and Taylor the exact same things, but just switched up the names.
I don't really want to tell the whole world what exactly the lie was, but let's just say that it hurt us, both.

Now normally I wouldn't get so worked up about something like this, but if I lie to him, which I never do, because honestly I hate lying more than anything, but if I lie to him, he'll get pissed. Which I completely understand because he has the right to be. Yet when he lies to Taylor and I, and we get pissed, he acts like it's all our fault. Same as when we try to confront him about it, he'll just walk away.

Now I know for a fact that, that is not a good friend example.

Right now I just think it would be best if he let me cool down for a while, meaning I'll be leaving him alone, for quite some time.



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